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Decline in Free Dress Days

High school uniform. Photo by flickr user MJ/TR.

This year brought some changes to the School uniform: instead of monthly free dress days, there will only be two per quarter, one being an actual free dress day and the other being a partial one, limiting the free dress to one item of clothing.

Seeing as both of the free dress days that will occur this quarter have passed, most girls find themselves wishing for those monthly days of release.“It was a nice reward to look forward to. Now all we have is denim days once in a blue moon, which are nice, but I would rather wear sweatpants,” Fiona ’15 said. “If we aren’t going to get as many free dress days, or ‘this-certain-type-of-pants only’ free dress days, at least lighten up on the uniform a bit!”

All girls I spoke with said they are confused as to why the School would cut down the amount of free dress days per year. “I get why we have uniforms, and I don’t mind it that much, but I don’t understand why we can’t just have more free dress days and wear what we want. I really don’t think there would be any harm in that.” Wesley ’15 said in an e-mail.

Even the new seventh graders said they loved the free dress days and would like more opportunities to have them. “I really liked free dress because it was laid back and the clothes were comfortable. I wished we had four free dresses a quarter,” Abigail ’17 said.

The message is clear! We want our free dress days back!