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Mustache-Lovers Are On The Rise


Evelyn '14 poses with a larger than life mustache fashioning this new trend. Photo by Lori '14.

If you’ve been scrolling down Tumblr pages recently or just looking around the classroom, you will usually see one odd image: mustaches. Images of mustaches are being seen on students’ wrists, shirts, binders and more. Urban Outfitters is even known to sell mustache shirts and stick-on mustaches to satisfy the needs of mustache-lovers.

Teens are not the only people obsessed with the ridiculous facial hair. “Whisker Wars”, a new show on IFC, showcases the “hardcore” competition for best facial hair.

Apparently, there is not just one type of mustache but many varieties, like “The Walrus” which is just a big gray lump on your upper lip or the “Fu Manchu” mustache which is a creepy mustache that falls down lower than your chin and hangs on both side of your lips.

Although this new fad seems to be growing fast, not everyone likes the hairy stuff growing on your face. “I ain’t gonna kiss no one with a caterpillar on their upper lip,” Maramawit ’14 said. Obviously not everyone likes this weird facial hair, but the cartoon ones on clothes and jewelry are more popular. This trend is something I do not understand because mustaches do not appeal to me in any way. The furry little creature on your lip or an odd squiggly brown cartoon is not something I would flaunt. Hopefully, this trend will fade along with shirts tucked into unnecessarily high-waisted skirts.