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A Night to Remember

On Saturday, May 28, there was only one thing on every Marlborough senior’s mind: prom.  For hours before the event girls were getting hair and makeup done, donning dresses picked out weeks in advance and taking the much-anticipated pictures with family, dates and friends.

Held at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, prom (after Hawaii) marks the last few moments spent as a class, when the next step for all of the girls is on a new campus that could be on the opposite side of the country. Still, the night was spent in the moment, and many said they enjoyed prom with their best friends.

“Everyone looked like classic Hollywood stars and the ballroom was a fitting, elegant location to match,” Ileana ’11 said.  She also said that her most vivid memory was watching her classmates dance with physics instructor Nessim Lognado.

Overall, the night seems to have been a huge success.