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The Rich and Famous are Normal Too

In an era obsessed with celebrities, no one has come to illustrate the famous for being famous cycle more completely than Kim Kardashian. This much is known to everyone: Kimberly Kardashian is famous, gorgeous and voluntarily lives her life under the microscope of reality television. With paparazzi following her 24/7 and 5.3 million followers on Twitter, one may start to wonder why do people really care?

Kim Kardashian, her two sisters Khloe and Kourtney, and their mother Kris Jenner run a branding empire that includes fashion boutiques, fitness videos, credit cards, a best-selling fragrance, skin care products and a self-tanner. What most people don’t know is that Kim rose out in the fame world originally by creating a sex tape with her ex-boyfriend that was leaked out to the public. This sex tape ultimately led to the creation of the E! reality show Keeping up with the Kardashians, involving cameras filming Kim and her family’s every move.

The majority of people that watch her show find her stuck up superficial attitude entertaining to watch.  “The princess has arrived,” Kim says, sporting the latest Dolce & Gabbana trends along with her extravagantly priced black Christian Louboutins heels. “She’s a fashion icon,” her mother adds, staring longingly in awe of her 30-year-old daughter. “Such a role model.”

Kim is definitely not one to be camera shy. If the paparazzi’s lucky, she’ll willingly strike her signature pose, head tilted slightly, lips parted, as if she has just blown a kiss.  She has been on the cover of numerous fashion magazines: Vogue, Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan. “She is the ultimate sex-symbol” fashion icon Gwenyth Paltrow states. “The camera loves her”

Ms. Kardashian is currently tied with Snooki at the top of the celebrity loyalty index, a survey that measures consumer engagement with celebrities. There was a time when Paris Hilton topped that list, when she was the most famous person for being nothing we have ever seen. Interestingly, we tend to associate Kim Kardashian with entrepreneurship, far more then other celebrities.

Still one may ask, what draws people to her, what causes thousands to show up to her book signings, store openings and appearances just to shake her hand? It’s because she plays the role of the “average girl.” Her curvy figure and short frame allow people to relate to her and find something inspiring in her example. People appreciate seeing a celebrity with imperfections for once, unlike most out there with skinny model-like bodies, which causes her to be such a role model to many. With her curvaceous figure, she stands out from most all of the other celebrities of the world, who with their thin bodies can make other women feel overweight and uncomfortable with how they look.

The people of modern pop-culture try to find celebrities that they can relate to, and compare themselves to. Kim is exactly an example of what an average American girl would want to look up to. Along with having a normal figure, she is fashionable, enjoys shopping, has a close relationship with her family, and is a hard working entrepreneur. When designing her clothing brand, instead of talking about fashion and image as most celebrity designers and designers do, with remarks about quality and authenticity, Kim seems content to allow consumers to project upon her whatever image they wish. “I really do believe I am a brand for my fans” Kim adds.

Why do people really care about Kim Kardashian? It’s because there is something average and typical about her that is incredibly appealing. Though famous for being infamous, she is somehow normal.



  1. anonymous May 7, 2011

    I don’t find anything average or typical about Kim Kardashian. In my opinion, Kim Kardashian is the opposite of the “average girl.” Average girls are not twenty nine when they get plastic surgery. Average girls do not make a sex tape at eighteen. And although she has curves, she considers herself a size two; which is not exactly inspiring. Another thing, if she’s the co founder and spokeswoman for a dieting program, does she really find her figure inspiring? Keeping up with the Kardashians is a really entertaining show to watch, but the most normal girl in that family is Khole. If there’s any role model, it should be her.

  2. anonymous May 20, 2011

    I think this piece is very well written, and the fact that your so young makes it even more fantastic! Congrats on you great work!

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