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Most Likely To

For the first time this year the Class of 2015 is creating for each student in the 8th Grade a “most likely to,” which is a prediction of what each student will do in the future, like “most likely to win a grammy” or “most likely to become president.” A poster will feature each “most likely,” along with the girls’ handprints. To assign the most likelies, girls were put into mixed groups so they could get to know other people more and hopefully create stronger bonds in the class.

But not every student is excited about the project. “All the teachers are talking about how great it is but.. eh,” Ana ’15 said. She said she is not very enthusiastic about all of the trees killed for each student to have a big poster. Sasha ’15, who is paired with Wally ’15, said she has already figured out her partner’s most likely: “most likely to be an Olympic figure skater and win.” There are no negative most likelies allowed, like “most likely to end up homeless.” Sasha says she think that the project is a “really good idea, fun to see when we are seniors. A good idea by Cookie (Erika ’15).”

The class of 2014 did not do this activity but the class of 2013 did, causing some outgoing freshmen to be annoyed.

“I wish we were doing that. It’s apparently really fun and it’s not fair that we got skipped over,” Margaret Pullis ’14 said. The class of 2013, however, did this activity differently: Council members decided titles for each girl. For example, Lynette ’13 was fortunate to get “most likely to dominate the world.”


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  1. Adi September 3, 2011

    Wow, Lynette.

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