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Updates to student store

photo by paul robinson

Auxilary Service Manager Clinton Oie is looking to add to the inventory in the student store. Oie is looking for girls to e-mail suggestions of any items they would like to have available for purchase. When visiting other high school’s student stores, Oie noticed how large and well-stocked they were, prompting him to ask Marlborough girls about the merchandise within ours.

“The stores at other schools are huge, like the stores on college campuses,” Oie said, “and girls are quick to tell me the things they would like to see in Cafe M. I would like the same suggestions to be offered for the student store.”


  1. 8th Grade Student April 21, 2011

    Great idea! I know that Harvard Westlake’s student store is pretty big and it would be great if we could have more items on sale in OUR student store. Also, I think that students should suggest items that the store would sell since it is the STUDENT store.

  2. 9th grade student April 21, 2011

    I personally wish we had more fashionable hoodies that said Marlborough on it. I dont mind the black/navy blue sweatshirts we have, but I wouldn’t wear them out in public.

    I’d prefer if they were violet/lavender and more fitting.

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