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Healthy snacks are back in style

photo by flickr user muammerokumus

What ever happened to the infamous healthy snack? It seems more often than not, ice cream, cookies and chips replace an apple, yogurt or vegetables and dip. Although those healthy snacks may seem to have gone out of favor, I’m here to assure you that they still exist.

For instance, if you’re craving something sweet and refreshing you could make a smoothie. With tons of fruit to experiment with there’s a slim chance you’ll get bored anytime soon. Another healthy snack is celery with peanut butter and raisins, also known as ants on a log. The delicious peanut butter and raisins makes it easy to forget you’re actually eating a vegetable, too.

So next time you’re about to eat something you know isn’t good for you, try one of these healthy yet delicious alternatives.