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EAST Teacher Dunk Tank

Imagine your teacher. Now imagine gloriously throwing a softball at full speed straight into a target, causing this teacher to plummet straight into a cold pool of water– and all for a good cause!  Well, EAST’s “Teacher Dunk Tank for Japan” on Apr. 29 from 10:50-12:20 will allow students to do just that.  Proceeds from the event, which will let students take three shots at one of the nine brave tank-sitting teachers for $5, will benefit Operation USA’s relief efforts in Japan.

Seriously, guys. This is the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you’ve been dreaming about ever since you started going to school.
With AP exams, SAT Subject Tests, and final exams lurking around the corner, sometimes we just want to take out all the stress that piles up. What better way to take a break from the madness than to dunk your teachers in a fun, good-hearted game that will help Japan?
EAST’s dunk tank is just one of several ways Marlborough girls are raising funds to aid Japan after a 9.0 earthquake and massive tsunami devastated the nation last March. Swapmeet fundraiser “Thrifty Thursday,” a bake sale held by Current Events club, a Japanese prayer tree and sale of Japanese-themed items, and a “Pennies for Japan” school-wide coin war have all been made possible by Marlborough girls’ dedication to help Japan recover from the tragedy.


  1. cheergal1803 April 28, 2011

    It’s going to be SUCH a good day!

  2. Joyce April 30, 2011

    dr. long.. of course. -_-

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