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EAST Feast a success

photo by flickr user dark meadow

How many Korean glass noodles can the Marlborough School community eat?  EAST (Exploring Asian Societies Together) sold nine platters of those delicious and very easy to serve noodles on Monday, Feb. 28, at EAST Feast.  The school bought this popular item along with other East Asian foods.  EAST sold sushi, phat thai, somosas, dumplings and more, raising approximately $1,400.  EAST is donating the money raised to LiNK, an organization that helps North Korean refugees relocate.  EAST co-president Erika ’12 said that this was the most amount of money EAST Feast has ever raised.  “The success was due to all of the generous food donations.  We’re really glad to have done so well because we’re so passionate about LiNK’s cause” Erika said.