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Walking in a straight line blindfolded: is it possible?

I have a new experiment for each of you readers out there… ready? Okay! Find a bandana, or something similar, and blindfold yourself.  Now, find a large empty space, preferably a flat field.  Next, you should get a person or two to come and watch you to explain what they see you do after your experiment is complete.  So here’s the task: walk in as straight of a line as you can while remaining blindfolded.

Okay, now that you’re done, did your viewers tell you what you did?  Even though you probably thought you were walking in a straight line the whole time, you were actually walking in a circle! It’s pretty wild, isn’t it!  When attempting to swim, drive, or walk in a straight line, humans consistently move in circular patterns.  Is it because one of our sides dominates? Possibly! The reason remains a mystery.  Learn about more about this here and see what you think!