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News in Brief

Applications increase

Applications for entrance into 9th Grade were up 9%, the biggest jump in application numbers for the 2011-12 school year. 7th Grade numbers stayed roughly the same as they have in past years, as did application numbers for other grades.

The Admissions Office also added an informal question and answer session about covering tuition costs to the application process this year to promote the financial aid program. Director of Admissions Jeanette Woo Chitjian said they added the financial aid question and answer session to appeal to families who need between 10% and 100% tuition coverage. At the session, Associate Director of Finance and Business Affairs Julia Yzaguirre showed potential applicants a slide show taking them through the details of the financial aid application process.

-Caroline ’13

MUN wins at conference

On Jan. 15 and 16, the Model United Nations (MUN) team represented the country of Greece at an MUN conference at Mission Viejo High School, ultimately winning five awards.  Suhauna ’14, Isabel ’14, and Becky  ’11 all won research awards for papers they wrote before the conference about Greece’s policies on global issues.  Becky also placed third in her committee of approximately 20 people, and Amanda ’11 placed first in her committee, winning a gavel as a prize.

“It’s harder for Marlborough [to win] because other schools have MUN as a class, but we only have it as a club,” Becky said.  “It’s really impressive when Marlborough girls win because, for others, part of their grades are hinging on if they win, and they spend weeks preparing in class.  For us, we do more of it ourselves.”

-Tess ’14

Wolf receives fellowship

This year, English instructor Sarah Wolf received the Ford Fellowship for Aspiring School Heads from the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS).

Participants in the program go through a self-assessment to figure out what they want in a leadership situation. The fellowship is a year-long project in which Wolf will be designing an independent project to benefit the School. Head of School Barbara Wagner will be Wolf’s
mentor. Wolf will also have the opportunity to meet with and learn from other current fellows.

“I hope that I’ll come out of this experience with a better sense of the career path I want to take,” Wolf said.

-Caroline ’13