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Let your Voice be heard!

The UV is providing all of you with an opportunity you can’t resist! We have a new opinion section called Voices on where you can blog (150-500 words) about everything from your concerns about the Obama Administration to that undeniably juicy episode of Pretty Little Liars. The best part is anyone in the Marlborough community can post. That means students, faculty, staff, alumnae and even parents can contribute. You can also write from the point of view of a club, sport, class or other campus organization. Every other week there will be a suggested topic or question for the posts, but on the off week you can write about what ever comes to mind. I know what all you juniors are thinking and yes, you can put this on your college resume if you are an ongoing contributor. Make sure to email your drafts to, and you will receive any edits via your Marlborough e-mail. The UltraViolet can only cover so much. Here’s your opportunity to express your opinion, share your funny story, argue your point, brag about your team, discuss a topic in the news, and make your voice echo throughout our virtual, ever-graceful halls of learning.