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Coloring by number, the alternative art

photo by flickr user aputilier

I’ll be the first to admit I was never destined to be an artist.  I don’t mean to say I wasn’t an artistic child – I loved markers and feathers and stickers as much as the next kid (and still do!) – but my drawing skills have never been something to be jealous of.

Although it may not have been easy to differentiate between my flowers, people, and meaningless blobs, this is where Color by Numbers enters the story. These black and white images were even better than coloring books for three reasons: a person was no longer purple; different things in a drawing became different colors; and lastly, there were numbers telling me what to do!

So recently, in a stressful week full of tests, quizzes, an English paper, and a blog post due for Free Period 101, I took a deep breath and Googled “Color by Numbers.”  I printed two pictures I felt would satisfy my needs (Penguin and Winnie the Pooh) and began to color.  20 minutes of meticulous coloring later, I was the proud owner of two drawings, and I was significantly less stressed.
All Marlborough students face stress, but Color-by-Numbers is simple enough and relieves your stress in a short amount of time.  Feel free to leave comments describing your Color-by-Numbers memories and experiences below.