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Winterfest a success

photo by flickr user rex roof

Crowds of people bustled around Munger Hall on the day of WinterFest, trying to fit as many tickets as possible into their desired baskets.

There were face-painting booths set up, yummy foods from all over the world, and everyone was hitting the dance floor to dance to their favorite songs. Due to poor weather conditions, this year’s WinterFest took place in Munger Hall instead of taking place on the field like last year’s. Everyone was excited about the prospect of finishing midterms and being able to kick off the start of winter break with an Arabian-themed party.

“I am super excited for WinterFest, but don’t really know what to expect,” Lauren Malanga ‘16 said before the event. “I heard that last year there were bandstands and stuff like that, but this year there won’t be, so I hope that it will still be as fun as I have been hearing.”

Everyone had lots of fun and most people got to bring home huge baskets filled with goodies. All in all, this year’s WinterFest was a huge success.