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Window Decorations are up

photo by flickr user motomo

Advisories have decorated their windows, frost is filling the air (well…more or less), and throughout the campus, the anticipation for winter break is growing. Everyone is excited to spread the holiday cheer, and in this season of giving, our very own Academic Resource Center is decking the halls with decorations from Marlborough parents ands peers. (Rhyme alert!)

“We’re hoping that this will become a community effort,” said Librarian Nichole Gomez, who explained that the overall goal of the donated ornaments is to bring to life the ideas and views of our community, especially when our diverse culture isn’t always expressed throughout the year. The ARC plans to reach out to other student groups and faculty members to decorate the space for future festivities.

“We plan to reach out again next year for January and February, especially with Martin Luther King Jr. Day coming up and Black History Month following behind it,” Gomez said, adding, “And we will begin by reaching out to AACE to facilitate and contribute.”

Still, it’s time to share with each other for the holidays, and if you have any decorations you feel the campus should see, bring them promptly to Mrs. Gomez, and she will put them up to share with the community.