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Letter to the Editor

Dear UV,

I felt that Kelsey Henry’s column in the Nov. 12 issue ignored a major factor: the danger plastic surgery poses to a person’s health. I support a woman’s right to do whatever she wants with her body, but I worry when women risk their lives for physical appearance.

We live in a culture that teaches women to loathe their bodies. To consider cosmetic surgery as some benign choice like dying your hair is deluded. Those who elect cosmetic surgery and anorexics who starve themselves are not substantially different – both sacrifice their health for their looks, which is not a choice that anyone concerned with the safety of women in our country should condone.

In the same issue, Sarah Klein mentions students repeating observations in English class as evidence of us being hyper-assertive, but I think that has more to do with worry over participation grades or not having listened to previous speakers. To me, the idea that we should rein ourselves as women is disturbing. I’ve sat in classes in summer programs in both math and history and seen a marked difference in participation between boys and girls. I’ve been the only girl in a room speaking, which, considering my usual level of class contribution, is a sad statement on the confidence of girls outside of places like Marlborough.

I’m proud to know 600 assertive young women who will speak their opinions, loudly if need be. While I understand Sarah’s point and agree that people in general don’t think enough before speaking – just look at our national political discussions – putting this under the heading of a discussion on feminism makes it a suggestion for women, not a social critique aimed at everyone in our society, which I see as dangerous and offensive.

Laura ‘11