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Latest Fashion Trends

By Jamie ’16, Lauren ’16

photo by flickr user bandita

For a while, huge American Apparel bows of many different colors were seen all around campus. People wore them in their ponytails, buns, and even with their hair down. They were even seen on bags as extra decorations. But the big bows might already be “out of style.” This fall is blowing in some fab new trends, including sparkly accessories.

Particularly in the 8th grade, many students have been wearing glittery versions of their favorite shoes such as Vans, Keds, and Converse. Head bands and hair ties brighten up their look and give a little personal touch.
This fall, blazers are the must-have garment, and most of the girls at Marlborough are wearing them. Cold-weather garments aren’t pretty, but blazers keep you looking great and warm.

A lot of Marlborough girls are pairing their blazers with scarves, which brighten up the look and keep your neck warm at the same time. Blazers also look great in the warmer months with rolled-up sleeves.