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DVDs available for rent at ARC

It’s your free period. You are sitting in the ARC, avoiding your homework, and you just discovered both computer labs are booked. Sound familiar? Well, next time you dawdle through the library shelves looking for something to keep you occupied, turn your attention towards those random DVDs you have never taken the time to look through. Yes, at a first glance, they may appear to only contain educational BBC and PBS collections, but I urge you to take a closer look. You might be surprised to find your favorite classic movie like Singing in the Rain as you sift through the American war trilogies. If the bell rings for your next period, and the forbidden lovers have just plotted to run away together, please, don’t have a spaz attack because the DVDs in the ARC are now available for check out! So sign out your movie with the librarian, hurry to class, and save the best part of Romeo and Juliet for later when you need a break from your Chemistry homework.