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7th Grade Election Results

The second semester has begun. For 7th graders, this means they are not only half-way through their first year at Marlborough but also prepared to govern themselves. Throughout November, the 7th grade listened to speeches by potential candidates for the positions of president, vice-president, secretary, athletics, fine-arts and community service representatives, and then finally cast their ballots. This year’s seventh grade council members are Brooke T., Christina B., Sydney A., Tyra O., Julia C., and Anisha S. Congratulations to all of them!

No worries

Brooke ’16 had great competition for president and admits that she was worried. “I felt good about my speech, but I was nervous about hearing the results,” she said. One student said she believes that Brooke was elected because, “Her speech was really creative.” Brooke surprised the grade with a rap as part of her speech.


Tyra ’16 has more to her than just her skills on the court. When asked why she thinks she was elected by the class, Tyra answered:“My funniness or my charm…Or my athleticism.” In addition, Tyra said she is proud of the fact that she doesn’t just focus on one sport but plays a variety.

Setting an example

Sydney ’16 and Anisha ’16 are already getting to know each other better and hope the rest of the grade will come together, also. When asked what the overall goal of council was this year, Anisha responded, “To join the grade together as one.” 7th grade vice-president Christina said she believes that becoming a close class is important because, “We will be together for the rest of our years at Marlborough.”