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Make your music more social with Ping

How can consumers find new music to listen to and stay musically connected, especially with the demise of traditional radio?

Steve Jobs has the answer.

On Wednesday, September 1st, Apple announced Ping, an addition to the new iTunes 10. Ping marries the social aspects of the Internet to music and entertainment. Now, music junkies can listen to and purchase their favorite tunes while social networking by sharing their personal “top ten” with friends, checking Twitter status updates by their favorite celebrities, and checking updates of album releases and concert schedules on a “Recent Activity” feed.

Associated Press reporter Ryan Nakashima criticized Ping, writing, “I found Ping’s suggestions simplistic at best. However, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, U2, Taylor Swift and Dave Matthews Band came up, as if Ping merely picked the most popular artists, not ones related to music I liked. How about some obscure artists I wouldn’t have found on my own?”

Meanwhile, Gary over at The Epic Network praised it: “…the iTunes store will feel at home using Ping, it is every bit as accessible as the store”.

Overall, I believe that Ping is a great addition. My only criticism is: Why didn’t Apple think of this sooner? If you are an active iTunes user or are curious about discovering new music, like myself, I would suggest that you get involved and download the revolutionary iTunes 10.