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Underground parking not for students

One of the common complaints buzzing around campus is that students aren’t allowed to park in the new underground parking lot. After years of construction, Marlborough students have been reaping almost all the benefits of Munger Hall’s glorious addition.

Nonetheless, Marlborough girls always find something to whine about.

The majority of the students were under the assumption that the faculty AND the students would enjoy the underground parking lot.  However, the underground parking lot is reserved for faculty and visitors, and the ground level parking lot is for students – the same set up as pre-Munger hall.

The ground level parking doesn’t have neough spaces to accommodate all communting juniors and seniors, and many girls still find themselves being turned away at 7:45.  Although girls might have been wrong to assume that what’s new is theirs, is it really fair they had to endure two years of jack hammers and shuttles from the Ebell for the same difficult parking situation?

The main problem is the unpredictability.  While some days girls can get in at 7:45, other days they can be turned away at 7:40, leaving girls frustrated and tardy.  For now, the only solution is an earlier wake-up for those who wish to snag a free space.