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Chinese delegates observe campus

A delegation of Chinese officials visited campus April 22 as part of an effort to reform China’s secondary school curriculum and train teachers to make students more creative.

USC’s China Institute arranged the visit as part of its exchange program with the country. The delegation included members of the Chinese Ministry of Education and principals from across China. Joining them were a facilitator from the China Educational Exchange and members of the U.S. State Department and the National U.S.-China Relations.

“We wanted to show them a distinguished independent school, so we took them to Marlborough,” said Clayton Dube, associate director of the institute. “I wanted it to be a two-way exchange not just for people to visit and take a look but to also make it possible for the people at Marlborough to benefit from the visit, as Marlborough increases its focus on China.”

Dube said the school and students impressed the delegation in several ways

“They were impressed by the small size of classes and with the remarkable self-discipline and order that the students conducted themselves,” he said, “They noticed the Honor Code and how most students during free periods were studying.”

The visit occurred on Earth Day, and Lube said delegates also noticed the ways that environmental issues were introduced to students. This was the first time that they visited a single-sex school.

Head of Middle School Robert Bryan, who led the delegation’s tour, said that the visit allowed the school to develop beneficial connections with a number of Chinese schools.

“We’re interested in developing an academic relationship between our girls and their girls and broadening our reach beyond campus,” he said.

The delegation also visited public schools in Kansas City and Washington.